Lord help me to see!

Been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s so easy for us to only focus on what our physical eyes can see, which can be really frustrating and overwhelming, instead of seeing God’s hand at work. In 2 Kings 6 when Elisha’s servant could only see the enemy surrounding them he was overwhelmed with fear, but Elisha wasn’t worried. Elisha saw something totally different.

So Elisha prayed for him to see through the eyes of faith that God was there, ready to fight on their behalf. God granted Elisha and his servant supernatural sight and hindered the enemy with supernatural blindness. God is faithful and able. How many times have I been blinded only to what my physical eyes see instead of allowing God to help me look through the eyes of faith? I’ve prayed so many times lately, “Lord help me to see!”

When we pray, God works through us and through the lives of others involved in the situation. We may not understand His timing or see how His execution fits our plan, but we must remember that the Lord’s thoughts are higher than our own. Ultimately, He is working all things out for our good and His glory. Prayer really does change our perspective regardless of if it changes our circumstances. Lord “help us to see it!”

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