Post Facebook World

I have enjoyed my Post Intagram World and now I’m about to enjoy life without Facebook. Remember what life was like without Facebook? I’ll admit it, it is nice connecting with family and friends, but Facebook can be so overrated. It reminds me of how many times we can go to church and put up facades and appear so strong on the outside and put up walls only to hide our pain and weaknesses.

Facebook is so addictive. If you have the ability to check your screen time on your phone, check to see how much time you spend on social media! The sad thing is the majority of that time is wasted, and you don’t get it back. For the over thinkers you can bring anxiety and drama on yourself, and no one needs that. Why do that to yourself? (I won’t get into to all the hacking and chain stuff…what a waste).

So, I’m about to enjoy life again without Facebook starting on Sunday night. I just wanted to let my family and friends know so you wouldn’t think I unfriended you. How did we ever survive without social media? We did.


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