Tell it to Jesus

Sometimes the text, post, tweet, message, or email is better off unsent, and then deleted. Sometimes the best word is unspoken. A word sent or spoken can’t be unsent or unspoken, and often times we are left with stressful damage control. Boy have I experienced this more times than I should have.

We can’t always trust ourselves, especially when it involves someone or something that we care so much about, because our feelings and emotions will blur our vision. Also “things are not always as they seem,” so what we need is a change of perspective and a clear vision. Prayer is always the way to get that different perspective and clear vision, but that requires faith in God over faith in ourselves. Really, when we pray we are essentially saying, “Lord I can’t, but I know you can.” That is not weakness, but strength which will lead to the power of prayer.

We can’t always trust our feelings and emotions but we can always trust the Lord. It’s always best to first tell it to Jesus, and then when our perspective changes we’ll then realize that it’s OK, and we don’t need to hit “send” or say a word. However, If we decide to hit “send” or speak we’ll be better for it because we prayed about it, and hopefully we’ll be following the Lord’s lead. That is so much better than the stresses of damage control. Prayer will lead to “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, (and) will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7). Having the God of the universe guard our minds and hearts is a better way to live. I’m learning. We’re all are learning.

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